Adopt a Dog

Dog Adoption Application

Thank you for considering the adoption of a Dogs For U rescued dog or puppy.

We confirm that the dogs and puppies we offer for adoption will have received age-appropriate vaccines, a leishmania test, veterinary check, tick/flea treatment, been dewormed at least once and will have been spayed or castrated if healthy and old enough. All dogs might require further vaccinations, fecal exams and possibly worming medications. Any information we have on their health will be disclosed to you. If you adopt a puppy who is too young to be spayed or castrated (i.e. under 6 months) we will arrange for the pup to be neutered on your behalf at our vet in Inca when 6 months old.

Most of the rescued dogs in our care come from unknown origins and we are unable to guarantee, nor can we be responsible for the health of the dog being adopted. Some might be incubating diseases which are not apparent at the time of adoption. No monetary compensation will be offered by Dogs For U in this or any other case.

As a volunteer non-profit organization Dogs For U, does not receive any official funding; it exists on donations from the public. We charge a set adoption fee as shown on our website ( click “Adopt”) which contributes towards but often does not cover the veterinary and other costs involved in rescuing and rehabilitating the dog or puppy you have chosen to adopt.

Please complete the pre-adoption questionnaire below and send it to us by email. The aim of this questionnaire is solely to help us in matching the right dog with the right family or individual to ensure a lasting and happy life together. Thank you.

By adopting a dog from us, you agree to the following:

Pet Adoption Agreement By indicating my interest to adopt a dog from Dogs For U and submitting this form, I understand and agree to the following:

  1. To provide this animal with proper shelter, food, water, and medical care to maintain his/her health and well-being.
  2. If adopting a puppy under 6 months of age, I agree to its neutering before it reaches 6 months of age.
  3. To keep my adopted dog as a companion pet and not to keep it chained up outside or used solely as a guard dog.
  4. To establish a schedule of preventative medicine (vaccinations, leishmania, parasites) with a veterinarian.
  5. To obtain immediate veterinarian care if the animal becomes sick or is injured.
  6. Not to sell, trade or abandon this pet. If I can no longer care for my dog, I will inform Dogs For Uimmediately.
  7. I realize no cash compensation will ever be given by Dogs For U.
  8. I will be personally responsible for the humane care of my adopted dog or puppy and Dogs For U will not be held liable if he/she causes injury to a human or other animal, or damage to property after the adoption.
  9. I understand my new adopted dog will take time to settle in, perhaps up to 6 months.
  10. Dogs For U reserves the right to resume ownership of the dog if the above conditions are not met.

Pre Adoption Questionaire

Our Pre-Adoption Questionnaire Please complete all questions, read the Adoption Application Informationabove and the Pet Adoption Agreement that follows this questionnaire and return it to Dogs For U by hand or email to

Name of dog / pup you would like to adopt (if known):

What size of dog are you looking for? Male or Female?

What age of dog interests you most? Puppy? Young Adult? Adult?

Why do you want to adopt a dog (as much detail as possible please)?

  • Your Name(s):
  •  Full Address:
  •  Telephone contacts:
  •  Email Address:
  •  Occupation(s):
  •  Do you have children?: YES / NO. If so, how many and their ages:
  •  Who else lives in your family? And are they all happy to accept a new dog into the home?
  •  What pets do you currently have at home?
  •  Do you rent or own your home?
  •  If you rent, do you have landlord´s permission to have a dog?
  •  Do you live in a house or apartment?
  •  Do you have a secure garden or area where a dog can safely play outside?
  •  If you are working outside of the home, how long will your adopted dog be alone on a typical working day?
  •  Have you ever owned a dog before? YES / NO If yes, for how long?
  •  Have you ever found yourself in a position where it was necessary to give a dog up or surrender a pet to a shelter? If yes, what were the circumstances?
  •   Are you an experienced dog owner who could train a dog with mild behavioural issues?
  •   Are your current pets spayed or neutered? YES / NO
  •   If you have pets, who is your veterinarian? Please provide name & contacts. (Note, we may ask them for references depending on circumstances)
  •   How will your dog get exercise?
  •   Will your dog live inside or outside?
  •   If outside, what shelter is provided to keep the dog out of the sun / rain?
  •   Where will the dog sleep at night?
  •   Who will be responsible for the dog’s daily care (feeding/grooming/exercising)?
  •   Who will look after the dog if you are out of town?
  •   Have you considered the damage that a dog/puppy can do? (Soiling, biting/scratching, chewing, etc) YES / NO
  •   Are you aware that you could be making a 15 year commitment? YES / NO
  •   If you move (house or country), will you to commit to taking your dog with you? YES / NO
  •   How did you hear about us? (e.g. through facebook, local knowledge, local media, a friend?)