Trying to feed 23 large dogs is a huge commitment and we need your help.

Next time you are out shopping please think about an extra item in your trolley and pop a bag of Dog food in for the dogs. It really makes all the difference in the world and frees up some of our meagre resources that need to be spent on vital veterinary treatments.

We use upwards of 15 bags of the 20 kg weight per month!!!

In order not to upset the dogs tummies with food change the one we use and will stick to is the Mercadona own brand complete dog food in the Yellow bag. We have collection points all over the island and if you phone the contact in your area we will be more than happy to collect.

Dogs looking for homes

Who to call

If you are in the Inca area please phone either Kim-677 037 308 or Cornelia-637 242 228.

If you are in the Pollensia or Alcudia area please ring Jan –619 757 329

Or if you are in the Andratx area please ring Mark or Karen –674 655 941

If you are in the Alaro and surrounding areas ring Annie 667 953 066

If you are in the Algaida area Julie -686 404 997.

Dogs for U is often the last hope for the German Shepherds and Huskies in Mallorca.  No matter how big her heart, Cornelia cannot take them all and we grieve for those we cannot save. We need your help to save these dogs. Please donate or volunteer – the smallest kindness is much appreciated.