Agility and Dog Training

DFU now has agility and dogtraining with our friend Patricia for beginners and advances clases.

Patricia has had dogs all her life and she started also with 9 years with German Shepherds in a GSD association in Germany. She learned a lot, educated dogs and has visited a lot of seminars about education and how to deal with various breeds. Until now, she’s visiting courses and use new knowledges for her lessons. She knows , how to “read” a dog and choose individual exercises for every type of dog. She’s very sensitive to find the right trainings-Programme. Patricia has 6 own Dogs, from a small mallorquin mix up to a great danese dog.

Patricia gives instructions in:

  • Basic instructions of obedience
  • Advanced classes: Walks in towns, hiding and searching for different toys, informations about Training Dogs a t home.
  • Agility Training: Tunel, seesaw, Slalom course and leaps
  • Puppy school
  • Course of socialising dogs who are frightened or have a different communication
  • Walks with Dogs: every 1 st Saturday or Sunday in a month. Price: between 5 and 10 €, depends, if the walk is with or without a picnic.

All the money of the walks are going to support the dogs from DFU.

All lessons are taking 60 minutes. Patricia are looking for, more or less, 10 minutes, how the communication between dog and human function.

60 minutes training: 12, 50 €
60 minutes individual Training: 15 €

Reservations under Patricia: 619 849 305

We also want to inform you that Patricia and DFU are offering the boarding of dogs in you holydays or other events. For more Information, please call: 637 242 228

Dogs for U is often the last hope for the German Shepherds and Huskies in Mallorca.  No matter how big her heart, Cornelia cannot take them all and we grieve for those we cannot save. We need your help to save these dogs. Please donate or volunteer – the smallest kindness is much appreciated.