Foster Agreement

Thank you for considering the adoption of a Dogs For U rescued dog or puppy.

We confirm that the dogs and puppies we offer for adoption will have received age-appropriate vaccines, a leishmania test, veterinary check, tick/flea treatment, been dewormed at least once and will have been spayed or castrated if healthy and old enough.

All dogs might require further vaccinations, fecal exams and possibly worming medications. Any information we have on their health will be disclosed to you. If you adopt a puppy who is too young to be spayed or castrated (i.e. under 6 months) we will arrange for the pup to be neutered on your behalf at our vet in Inca when 6 months old.

Most of the rescued dogs in our care come from unknown origins and we are unable to guarantee, nor can we be responsible for the health of the dog being adopted. Some might be incubating diseases which are not apparent at the time of adoption. No monetary compensation will be offered by Dogs For U in this or any other case.

As a volunteer non-profit organization Dogs For U, does not receive any official funding; it exists on donations from the public. We charge a set adoption fee as shown on our website ( click “Adopt”) which contributes towards but often does not cover the veterinary and other costs involved in rescuing and rehabilitating the dog or puppy you have chosen to adopt.

Please complete the pre-adoption questionnaire and send it to us by email. The aim of this questionnaire is solely to help us in matching the right dog with the right family or individual to ensure a lasting and happy life together. Thank you.

Dogs for U is often the last hope for the German Shepherds and Huskies in Mallorca.  No matter how big her heart, Cornelia cannot take them all and we grieve for those we cannot save. We need your help to save these dogs. Please donate or volunteer – the smallest kindness is much appreciated.