Processionary Caterpillars

In Mallorca between January and March/April, Processionary Caterpillars present a real danger to dogs.

Raupe01The caterpillars come down from nests in pine trees in long nose-to-tail lines to find soft ground in which to pupate. If threatened, the caterpillars release hairs which can cause an allergic reaction to the skin or soft tissue causing rashes and breathing difficulties. In some cases this can cause anaphylactic shock or necrosis of the flesh.

Veterinary assistance should be sought immediately if a dog is thought to have been in contact with the caterpillars and is showing any signs of distress.

The caterpillar nests are very obvious to the eye, consisting of white, football size spheres of wispy filaments hanging amongst the branches of pine trees. They are to be found wherever there are pine trees – both in rural and urban areas.

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